Sunday Morning 10.30am

Here at New Malden Methodist Church we believe it is important to hear the word of God preached. This is a real invitation to be challenged, comforted, inspired and invited to learn more about the way in which being a Christian can transform not just your life, but the lives of thousands. Here the Word is preached because we know it to be relevant to the world.
So... Come and Worship.

We believe that here at New Malden we have something for everyone which will enable them to grow in grace and in the love of God.  The warmth of our welcome is an indication of the depth of our worship and of our commitment to one another.
Sundays don't just start the week - they set the tone for the rest of the week, so make your Sunday special - come and Worship and please stay for a cup of tea or coffee after the service so that we can get to know one another.

Except for Family Service Sundays (All Age Worship) there are special activities for children during the main 10.30am service

There is an area for very small children and toddlers to play with toys elsewhere in the church, supervised by members of the Church so parents can enjoy the service if they wish or stay with their children.  Our Welcome Area at the front of the building has lots of room for young people and their parents to stretch their legs and wander about if they need to and yet still remain part of the service if they want to.

The third Sunday of each month is a Family Service.  On these days music, readings and the Talk are adapted and so there are no other children's activities with the whole congregation worshipping together throughout. In addition, an activity is provided in a space in the Sanctuary.

Holy Communion is celebrated once a month.
It is the privilege of all Christians to be able to meet with God in an act of communion - when Christ sets the table and bids us welcome.

At New Malden Methodist Church, all those who love the Lord Jesus or who desire to know him more, are welcome to receive the sacrament of bread and wine - regardless of whether or not they have been confirmed in the faith.
To be able to enjoy the service requires no special knowledge or 'insider-information' as the words of the service are printed in full in the service book making it easy to follow.