Bereavement Cafe

In Wesley's at 2.30pm - 4.00pm on the second Tuesday of every month

Just what is a Bereavement Café ?

Losing someone you have been close to can turn your life upside-down. You may feel confused, unhappy, angry, depressed—and all at the same time. You may feel okay one day and find yourself back at square-one the next.

Talking with another person about the one who has died, about how you feel now and about the changes that are going on for you can really help.

Everyone’s bereavement is personal, but Bereavement Café is place where you will find other people who have been through their own loss and who can understand something of what you are going through. And they will listen to your experience.

Bereavement Café is a place where you can talk about how bereavement is affecting you.

Bereavement Café is not a form of counselling. Most bereaved people don’t need to have formal counselling. That’s because bereavement isn’t a problem to be solved. It’s an adjustment that needs time to be made.

Bereavement Café is not a café like Costa or Starbucks Local libraries and council offices have lists of social groups and clubs, where people can meet others who have similar interests.

Bereavement Café is a special place to talk freely about your experience.

Bereavement Café is a safe place to find people who will listen and who will understand your experience. They will respect your story and give you time—and they won’t mind if you get upset or cry!