Junior Church / Sunday School


We have two groups that meet to explore through stories and creative arts the theme of the day during the 10.30am Sunday service.  These are designed to be suitable for each age group.  The younger group age 3-5 and another for 6 and above. 

'Activ8' is a fellowship group for those in Year 7 and above which meets while the Sunday morning service is in progress.

Our Welcome Area at the front of the building has lots of room for young people and their parents to stretch their legs and wander about if they need to and yet still remain part of the service if they so wish. 

The third Sunday of each month is a Family Service.  On these days music, readings and the Talk are adapted and so there are no other children's activities with the whole congregation worshipping together throughout.  An activity is provided in a space in the Sanctuary at the Family Service in which all are invited to take part at any time during the service.